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Zamperla remixes classic concepts

Zamperla is known for offering groups of rides to single parks, but for an outlet in Russia it has just put together a particularly cost-effective package of new attractions. The three new rides – Disk ‘O’, Kolobok and Calipso – are all family focused and offer a new twist on some classic concepts. They appear together in a new area of the Sokolniki park in Moscow.

Kolobok (pictured) takes the Rock ‘n’ Roll or Looper once popular in the States and gives it a fresh new theme. The ride has a compact 12 metre footprint and comprises 8 two-seater cars each with over-the-shoulder restraints and an interactive control stick, allowing riders to roll backwards and forwards.

Calipso, meanwhile, is an adaptation of the original Calypso/Cobra/Twist concept, accommodating up to 24 riders at a time. Held in by a seatbelt, they turn and spin through two opposite rotations, suspended from above.

The Disk ‘O’ – one of Zamperla’s latest hits – has already been tried and tested in recent years at a number of parks around the world.

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