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Zamperla presents the Junior Shuttle Family of Coasters

A new collection of Zamperla roller coasters will debut at IAAPA EXPO Europe in London this September: The Junior Shuttle family. We have two versions; a traditional model sends riders forwards and backwards and a second design version that rotates throughout the experience.

A switch, spike, and multiple launches combine for the world’s most marketable family coaster, delivering the excitement of a big coaster in a compact footprint.

Like all Zamperla rides, the Junior Shuttle custom theming options are endless. From unique designs to custom IP’s, our team has decades of experience in telling stories with attractions.

In addition, the Zamperla coaster department made design concepts like Cost of Ownership a key engineering criterion in all our coasters. The Junior Shuttle Coaster has features that keep the annual maintenance and labour costs down.


The Junior Shuttle offers 687m (2225 ft) of experience in only 266m (873 ft) of total track. The ride includes 6 launches and all guests 90 cm (36 in) and above can ride. Special effects like forward and backward runs, reverse spike, two launch sections, airtime hills, flip turn, s-curve and switches serve up broad-appeal thrills that are fun for older rides and a blast for those on their first big coaster.

Zamperla’s new booster wheel launch system combines fast acceleration with improved electrical efficiency. The system is designed with powered tire units, made up of a high-efficiency motor connected to the tire wheel via a toothed belt. There are no gearboxes, the launch unit replacement takes minutes instead of hours.

“The Junior Shuttle family encapsulates the next generation of our coasters,” said Adam Sandy, Zamperla’s roller coaster sales & marketing director. “We now include several key design features into every coaster: reduced cost of ownership, marketable features that make our coasters go viral, component typicality to maximize uptime, and of course, a smooth, exciting ride. All of these factors go into conceptualizing every Zamperla roller coaster.”

Junior Shuttle Stats:

– Max height: 16.4 m (54 ft)

– Footprint: 96.5m x 25.5 m (317 ft x 84 ft)

– Max speed: 47 km/h 29 mph

– Total track length: 266 m (873 ft)

– Total travelled length: 687 m (2253 ft)

– Capacity: 590 pph

– Height Requirement: 90 centimetres (36 inches) accompanied, 105 centimetres (42 inches) alone


No two rides are the same as the vehicles and their passengers rotate freely around the vertical axis while accelerating through multiple launches and reversing sections. The special rider seating position allows them to interact with each other and share the experience. At the end of the ride, an automatic alignment station smoothly rotates the vehicle to the station position and locks for the boarding process.

Junior Shuttle Spinning stats:

– Max height: 15 m (49 ft)

– Footprint: 96.5m x 25.5 m (317 ft x 84 ft)

– Max speed: 50 km/h 31 mph

– Total track length: 269 m (883 ft)

– Total travelled length: 623 m (2044 ft)

– Capacity: 620 pph

– Height Requirement: 90 centimetres (36 inches) accompanied, 105 centimetres (42 inches) alone

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