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Zamperla Integrated Rides create smiles at Walibi Holland

Guests at Walibi Holland took to the open road on a pair of new Zamperla attractions. Eat My Dust (Junior Coaster 200) and Wind Seekers (Magic Bikes 6) were both part of the park’s large Speed Zone- OFF ROAD family area. 

The coaster vehicles look like dune buggies and feature detailed fibreglass work and paint applications. The Magic Bikes look like an ultralight aircraft and brought a new theming style to one of Zamperla’s most successful attractions.

“This project was a success in a short timeline because of the partnership. The Leisure Expert Group team came up with a fantastic thematic concept, the park made the project happen in a year, and Zamperla’s team of artists made Walibi Holland’s vision come to life. From the roll bars to the fake mud, these ride vehicles are exciting to see on a coaster of this scale,” said Charles De Bruyne, sales manager for the EU. 

The Magic Bikes is set into the Junior Coaster’s first drop, making this another of Zamperla’s Integrated Ride packages. 

The famed Italian company has the industry’s most diverse portfolio of attractions, and this installation demonstrates how pairing them together allows parks to maximise visitor spending and increase guest satisfaction. 

“Integrated Rides answers the demands of today’s park-goers,” said Adam Sandy, Zamperla’s roller coaster sales and marketing director. “We see a larger age gap between children in families, a need for more immersive theming and a desire for interactivity. The Integrated Rides package at Walibi Holland answers the call of today’s family market and offers an hourly capacity of 900 people,” he continued. 

Walibi Holland and the Speed Zone are open for the 2023 season.

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