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Zamperla celebrates 10th anniversary of Luna Park with expansion

Zamperla is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Luna Park in 2020 with an expansion. “Ropes Course Adventure Zone” from RCI Adventure Products will feature circus-like theming (custom sun shades above the attraction itself and will allow climbers to experience breathtaking views of the boardwalk and ocean. It will consist of eight poles, three levels and feature 38 interactive elements for participants to engage with. The attraction will be able to accommodate up to 60 participants at a time. There will be two straight Sky Rails with one on the second and one on the third level. In addition to the Sky Trail, there will also be a stand alone Sky Tykes with Sky Rail for those 4 feet (1.2m) or under.

According to Alberto Zamperla, also new at Luna Park will be “Big WaveZ,” an interactive water ride that will make its worldwide debut and transport guests into the lair of the Roman god Neptune. “The Super Flume Ride” will provide guests with a semi-circle panoramic view of the shoreline, and “The Junior Coaster” family thrill ride will interlace with “The Super Flume Ride” and bend and curve throughout its circuit.

Zamperla also noted it has identified tweener rides, attractions for older children, as a new category of Zamperla rides the company calls Tweener RideZ. “These are for children no longer interested in kiddie rides,” said Ramon Rosario, sales director at Zamperla. “The criterion is 42 inches in height.” They come with restraint systems that allow these young guests to experience the attractions that would once have been considered thrill rides with a much taller height restriction. Zamperla said it will continue to introduce attractions designed for these younger guests and their families. One such ride, NebulaZ, operated for visitors at the Zamperla booth on the show floor.

“We have provided more than 150 roller coasters worldwide and done so using a variety of different coasters,” noted Michael Coleman, Zamperla’s sales manager for North America. “Our DangleZ Coaster provides 160º of movement and accentuated airtime hills.” Once the coaster’s train tops the lift hill, the seats start moving independently of the chassis below, providing riders the feeling of dangling outside the track for a nontraditional ride experience. The DangleZ is a tweener ride and has just a 42-inch height requirement.

Zamperla announced that following its success with Luna Park in Coney Island, it had chosen the world’s largest agri-food park, FICO Eataly World in Bologna, Italy, for an 11-million-euro investment to create an indoor family entertainment center (FEC) called Luna Farm. It is the first farm-themed amusement park in Italy and will open November 30, 2019. The FEC has an indoor surface area of 6,500 square meters within CAAB, the food and agriculture center in Bologna. It will feature 15 themed attractions, all manufactured by Zamperla. These include a suspended monorail in which guests will ride on board hen-themed vehicles and a mill-themed Ferris wheel. Zamperla said it will also be possible to experience augmented and interactive reality solutions developed by Z+ (ZamperlaPlus), the company’s high-tech division

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