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World’s First Cannabis-Themed Attraction of its kind

Cannabition Cannabis Museum is now open at Neonopolis in Downtown Las Vegas. It represents the city’s first immersive cannabis museum and the world’s only cannabis-themed attraction of its kind. Its exhibits comprise elaborate, cannabis-inspired installations built by leading experiential exhibit and event designers.

Cannabition features elaborate cannabis-inspired installations created by leading experiential art and exhibit designers. Visitors interact with unique, larger-than-life art pieces, including a slide that empties into a pool of handmade foam “nugs” (nuggets of cannabis bud material), enormous seven-foot buds and, at 23 feet, the world’s largest water pipe affectionately known as “Bongzilla.” Each of Cannabition’s 10 entertaining, educational and photogenic exhibits offer unprecedented opportunities to explore the historic, botanical, and lifestyle aspects of cannabis.

The museum encompasses 10,500 square feet, including a CBD retail store. The space is also available to host private events for groups up to 500.

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