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Work continues non-stop at the construction site of JUMANJI The Adventure at Gardaland

The animatronic of The Stone Giant is set to arrive, he is the huge antagonist in the Jumanji the Adventure story.

Work continues non-stop at the construction site of Jumanji The Adventure, the world’s first Jumanji themed ride, based on Sony Pictures’ popular film franchise. This dark ride for adventurers of all ages will be built in the heart of Gardaland and, from the 2022 season, will be ready to astound adventurers of all ages.

Visitors will be taken on an exciting dark adventure through the jungle of Jumanji, which they will discover on board a jeep: surrounded by dangerous animals and obstacles of all kinds, the mission of the Guests will be to save the world of Jumanji from a powerful curse by taking the precious gem back to the legendary temple.

There will be five animatronics in the attraction: a desk acting as an entrance door into the world of Jumanji, a huge hippo, the frightening spider, the hand and the head of the fearsome stone giant.

The Stone Giant, the most astonishing of the various animatronics positioned along the ride, will attempt everything possible to block the Guests’ way and will be their main enemy: at first, amidst the deafening thunder of a storm, his enormous head, monstrous grin and fiery gaze will appear from a cave lit up by lightning, while further along the ride his gigantic hand will try to block the passage of the adventurers.

The proportions of the Stone Giant are truly amazing: the head stands 6.45 metres high – almost four times the height of a human being – and about 6 metres in diameter, while the hand stretches 4 metres high with a palm spanning 3 metres!

The creation of this animatronics was extremely time consuming and complex: the initial design phase was managed by Gardaland’s creative team – part of Merlin Magic Making – the construction of the Giant,  took place in Turkey over two months at the headquarters of the company Futuraform, which creates scenographic works and animatronics for amusement parks, cinemas and hotel chains all over the world.

At this very moment, as work continues the other animatronics, including an enormous spider and an incredible hippo, the two parts comprising the Stone Giant are on board a cargo ship crossing the Mediterranean to Italy. Due to their huge size, three 6-metre-long container trucks are awaiting them at the port of Genoa, ready to transport them to Gardaland where final painting and details will be applied.

In the meantime, in the Park, work is in full progress at the construction site where more than 100 people are working, employees from 20 companies specialising in the most diverse fields: from architectural planning to light design, as well as 3D printing, metalworking and gardening operations.

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