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WindSeeker at Cedar Point

Cedar Point’s WindSeeker towering swing ride is now open, courtesy of Mondial.

One of four such rides supplied this season by the Dutch manufacturer to Cedar Fair parks across North America, the $5 million (€3.5m) attraction stands 301ft-tall at the Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park.

As many as 64 WindSeeker riders at a time are treated to dramatic views of Cedar Point, Lake Erie and the nearby beach. Passengers sit in open two-passenger swings with their feet dangling in the breeze. The swings rotate around the central column as they slowly ascend the tower. At the top, riders are nearly face-to-face with the very top of the tower and almost as high as the first hill of the Millennium Force rollercoaster.

During the 60-second flight, the seats swing out to an angle of 45-degrees, completing eight rotations of the tower. With the opening of WindSeeker, Cedar Point now boasts as many as 75 rides, including 17 rollercoasters.

In addition to new Mondial ride, the park has opened several new live shows for the 2011 season, iranging from musical revues to ice-skating, skateboarding and gravity-defying stunt shows. Meanwhile the park’s new night-time show features patriotic music, high-definition images and colourful pyrotechnics.


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