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Wiegand unveils CoasterKart

Josef Wiegand GmbH has introduced the CoasterKart, an electronically powered tracked vehicle for all ages. Drivers control their speed themselves using an accelerator pedal, and can reach a to speed of 25 mph (40 kph). The track is based on the success of the Wiegand Alpine Coaster. The speed boost is realized by a linear induction motor, and the result feels both gentle and smooth.

Unlike the Alpine Coaster where two riders are seated in-line, the CoasterKart has the two seats positioned side-by-side. Rolling on a raised stainless steel track, the attraction boasts an hourly capacity of 500 and is operable year-round. Location requirements include a minimum recommended track length of 1,600 feet (488 m) over a minimum area of 53,000 square feet (4,924 sq m). It can operate indoors or outdoors with no foundation required and little noise. The ride vehicle can climb a maximum grate of 15% to a track height of 16 feet (5 m) and negotiate a minimum curve radius of 30 feet (9 m). Track is supported every 10 feet (3 m).

Features include programmable track-end braking system and programmable distance control. Overpasses and underpasses are possible, as are banked turns, helixes, jumps and waves, and tunnels and bridges. Theming options include colour design, sound and light effects for an enhanced race mode, time trials and gaming, and individual vehicle design

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