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What’s been your best working vacation?

Bob Masterson, Ripley Entertainment/IAAPA (pictured): I’m always at a loss when asked to name the “best” of anything. It really comes down to people, places and things. Change one of those and the best can be the worst!

My best working vacation in recent memory was tied to the Asian Attractions Expo in Shanghai. My wife Phai and I spent four days in Beijing before the show, and after Shanghai we travelled to Lhasa, Kathmandu, Mumbai and Dubai. With the exception of Tibet, I’d been to all those places before but Phai had not. I enjoyed doing all the touristy things with her like eating Yak for dinner in Lhasa and Kulfi along Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai …people, places and things!

Dan Aylward, PARC Management: We went to Atlantis resort in the Bahamas while they were still doing construction on expansion. It was interesting to see the progress they were making with work still underway. It was an fascinating time to be there, and the resort is a wonderful facility.

Anthony Catanoso, Steel Pier, USA: The best working vacation was definitely a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida where I was given a behind-the-scene tour of all the facilities. This was a perfect tie-in to our industry and very informative and enjoyable at the same

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