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What’s been the reaction to your new attraction this year?

Peter Osbeck, Gröna Lund, Sweden: Guests lover our new wooden coaster, Twister [by The Gravity Group]. We make a survey every year of how guests feel about the park, not a survey at the exit but comments they can make over the internet when they get home so they really think about it and we get an honest answer. I heard from our marketing manager today that we have 89% of satisfied guests; I think it is difficult to get much higher.


Melinda Ashcroft, Six Flags Over Georgia, USA: Dare Devil Dive [Gerstlauer EuroFighter] has been an instant hit and a great addition to our coaster line-up here at Six Flags Over Georgia. Just seeing the guests’ reactions when their train is dispatched and they stop in front of the 10-storey vertical lift… it is quite amusing. Everyone from avid thrill seekers to first-time coaster riders has had very positive reviews.


Q_Scheid2Greg Scheid, Kings Island, USA: WindSeeker [by Mondial], our new 301-feet [91.7m] attraction, has become a family favourite at the park, attracting guests who want to take the typical family rides to the next level, and do they ever with this ride! The views of the park are awesome and riding WindSeeker at night with the amazing light package and while the fireworks show is in progress will give all a never before seen experience.

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