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What will be your biggest challenge in 2012?

Michael Mack, Europa-Park, Germany: Getting our new hotel, Bell Rock, ready on time is our greatest challenge. I think we got the season off to a nice start with out new wooden coaster Wodan, but the challenge with that could be capacity, which our operations guys think is too low compared to Blue Fire Megacoaster.

Gary Conroy, Old Town (Kissimmee, Florida), USA: As new owners of Old Town we believe our greatest challenge will be rebuilding our brand to attract a larger segment of the tourist and local population back to the park. Branding is a very scientific concept and it will be imperative we achieve a very unique and memorable experience for our guest by ensuring a high standard through exceptional guest service. We must teach all our vendors to provide the same experience so our guest has one fluid experience. We will also invest significant capital in theming and getting the environment back to its iconic status.

Pascal Fliche, Parc Astérix, France: Oz Iris, our new B&M inverted coaster, is the big news for 2012 at Parc Astérix. Our main challenge is to get as many visitors as possible to come and discover it! We are confident once they have ridden it they will become our new park ambassadors; flying over an Egyptian temple is definitely unique experience! The ride is part our new land Pharaonique and integrates the worlds of Astérix and Cleopatra, leading comic and movie stars in France, and reinforces Parc Astérix as one the top European theme parks.

Bob Montgomery, Darien Lake, USA: Our biggest challenge this year will be educating our market that Darien Lake is more than just an amusement park. Recent enhancements to our accommodation and our waterpark make Darien Lake a destination experience for families, teens and young adults. We have added $5 million in new attractions and entertainment to make 2012 our best season ever. Communicating our value proposition will be especially important this year, as economic conditions and rising gas prices make close-to-home vacations particularly attractive for families.

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