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What new products caught your eye at IAAPA Attractions Expo?


Carl Berni, Canobie Lake, USA: Zamperla had a very nice piece, the WindstarZ. The Galactica redemption machine looked interesting. PTC showed an articulated single-seat coaster car and an ADA transfer device for coaster car entry and exit.


Frederic Bouvard, Splashworld, France: What interested me the most is a product that is not yet available in the waterpark industry, but just made its appearance in the theme park world and is likely to become, in my opinion, the next industry game changer – virtual reality in rollercoasters. I believe a major park chain is about to introduce the VR Coaster [from Mack Rides] on several of its ride next season. Although the concept cannot be adapted easily to waterslide attractions, some suppliers have started working on it (including Polin). The interest of VR is to combine the moves of the riders to a virtual environment, thus turning a standard ride or slide experience into a race into space, a jet fighter combat, or any other story of your liking. The possibilities being endless.


Dick Knoebel, Knoebel’s Amusement Resort, USA: No single thing caught my eye, but Zamperla had their new WindstarZ, Chance, Premier and S&S have new ride vehicles. PTC had their new PTCI-360° single-seat trailer coaster train and Amusement Transfer Accessibility Device. In a few years I may have an interest in that.


Sang Hong, SongSong Town, China: I come to IAAPA every year and always end up buying something. Last year I bought two projectors. This year I quite fancy the slushie bus. In fact I’ve already spent US$1 million and it’s only the second day of the show!


John Collins, Indiana Beach, USA: There’s a new soccer game, Super Keeper, in which you try to kick the ball past the goalie, who seemed to block every shot. Also, Zamperla’s new WindstarZ, a hang glider flat ride, is beautiful.

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