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What has been your most cost-effective new attraction that has boosted attendance?

Henrik B Nielsen, Djurs Sommerland, Denmark (pictured): I think we got the most impact in recent years with Skatteøen, our Mack water coaster which opened in 2001. We experienced about a 15% rise in the number of visitors that season, and I think of a lot of that was because it was appealing to a very broad range of guests, from 1-metre and up.

The Tilt Tower (Sablen) from ABC Rides added in 2008, which was not a particularly expensive ride, also gave us a very good season. I’m sure again that was because it was a family ride. Things don’t always have to be bigger, higher or faster to enjoy success, but nevertheless we are hoping for good things this year with Juvelen, our new Intamin launch coaster.

John Hildebrandt, Cedar Point, USA: Gemini, which opened in 1978, was Cedar Point’s signature ride for a decade, until Magnum XL-200 was built in 1989. Magnum was the driver for another decade, until Millennium Force opened in 2000. These three coasters drove attendance for many years – and still do. They were all great investments which proved themselves over time. We are hoping GateKeeper, our new B&M Wing Coaster, will be the same. I know it will.

Omit Celasun, Bostanci Lunapark, Turkey: As a free entry park, we don’t measure attendance, however we have found our various rides by Technical Park – including the Streetfighter, Loop Fighter and Ejection Seat – to be good revenue earners. In particular, the Ejection Seat (reverse bungee) is not a very expensive attraction to buy and, although it is low capacity, we can charge a higher ticket to ride.

John Arie Snr, Fun Spot, USA: I would have to say that our elevated go-kart tracks, all built in-house, have proved to be by far the most cost effective ride or attraction we have ever done. We are famous for these unique multi-level tracks, and we own four patents on them. Not only do they boost attendance, we get a premium prices for their usage.

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