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What “green” initiatives do you undertake at your park?

Bonnie Rabjohn, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California (pictured): Six Flags Magic Mountain is very green. We have replaced all of the light bulbs in the park with LED bulbs, planted water resistant shrubs and plants, placed paper and plastic recycling containers throughout the park and even gone so far as to replace all of the toilets with water-saving, energy efficient toilets.

At night, all coaster parameter lights are turned off to preserve energy. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, our waterpark, operates on a sand filtration system which continually filters and recycles over 1.5 million gallons of water used throughout the park’s attractions.

Nick Thompson, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, England: We are doing more and more each year and it’s part of the planning process when we do anything new. All of the water from the water rides we use again on the park. Years ago if we emptied a water ride it went straight down the drain, now we just move it around to different lakes depending on what we need to drain; we never get ride of any water. We’ve also got wind turbines on the park and several other initiatives which save us money.

Eric Anderson, Quassy Amusement Park, USA: During the off-season we had a major undertaking by updating the park’s power distribution to a 440-volt service, which will run much more efficiently in the long run. Also, our new drop tower ride from SBF was their first incorporating an LED lighting system. The light show on the ride is incredible and uses a fraction of the energy consumed by more traditional lighting systems. In addition, we also utilise low flow utilities in our restrooms that use less water, and biodegradable oil on the rollercoaster chains.

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