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What deals do you offer on ride/admission tickets?

Robin Goh, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore (pictured): There’s so much to do here that it really depends on what our guests prefer. They may choose to stay in one of our hotels, in which case they can opt for our resident circus theatrical, Voyage de la Vie. Most guests come with families and all they want to do is experience Universal Studios Singapore. We have had many sold out days this summer through promotional deals and we are very mindful of price as the Singapore dollar can be very strong in comparison to neighbouring countries. We have to make it a little more affordable where possible. Our deals change quickly, but guests can always check out what deals are in store for them on the Resorts World Sentosa website.

Darryl Klopmaker, Little Amerricka, USA: We offer four different unlimited ride wristbands, depending on the height of the guest and what they can ride. These range in price and colour from $9.95 (€7.75) to $19.95 (€15.55). We then offer $2.00 off that price using a coupon found on Facebook. We have also been offering some two-for-one promotions with the local cable TV provider, which provides customers with certificates.

Michelle Michael, Grand Pier (Weston-super-Mare), England: When we open, we will be selling “Grand Pier Dollars” loaded onto a card and the more you spend, the more you get extra. If you put £10 on, you may only get 10 Grand Pier Dollars, if you spend £15 you might get 20, and if you send £30 you might get 40 dollars. We are trying to get people to enjoy the rides but spend more. The system also allows us the flexibility to manipulate prices up and down as we need to, so at off peak times we might change the settings and offer rides at half price.

Fernando Velasquez, Luna Park (Coney Island), New York: Luna Park offers two price options. For customers who wish to pay as you go, we offer Luna Card deals. Luna Cards work on a debit credit system. We offer one free ride to customers purchasing cards of $30 (€23.35) or more, and two free rides for customers purchasing cards of $50 (€38.95) or more. Alternatively, Luna Park also offers an unlimited ride wristband in four-hour and six-hour time allotments on both weekdays and weekends. On weekdays the four-hour band is $26 and the six-hour band is $30. On weekends the four-hour band is $30, and the six-hour band is $34.

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