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What caught your eyes at this winter’s trade shows?

Fernando Eiroa, Palace Entertainment (pictured): I look forward to attending IAAPA every year, but this year in particular was great due to Palace’s participation in several seminars and panel discussions. On the trade show floor, the new technology was very appealing to us, such as the 4D+ attractions. Also, new technology to better serve and capture guest transactions and more importantly the improved technology to better enhance the safety of our parks.

Håkon Lund, Kongeparken, Norway: One of the most interesting trends right now within the industry, we think, is the fusing of smartphone technology with the experience in the park. How we can strengthen the attraction experience, put in extra layers and use external platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a trend we are looking at spending more and more time and investment on. There were several companies offering these services at IAAPA.

Molly Deese, Wild Adventures, USA: The things that caught our eye this year at IAAPA were the Wild About Monkeys travelling animal exhibition, Professor Pumpkin animatronic character that shares stories, jokes and conversations with guests, and the custom mascot costumes offered by Mask US.

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