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Wedding in the Sky

Vertigo sufferers need not apply!

After launching Dinner in the Sky in 2006, the Belgian company Events in the Sky has released a number of new variations on the concept.

Meeting in the Sky gives companies the opportunity to organise a product presentation, conference, concert or a meeting for up to 30 guests, strapped into aircraft seats at 50 metres above the ground.

Marriage in the Sky, meanwhile, offers couples the opportunity to get married just as they would in church with priests, families friends and witnesses …but in the clouds among the angels. In this set-up 10 seats are removed from the centre of the platform to create an aisle along which the newly married couple walks between their guests. They can then, if they choose, start their new life with a bungee jump.

Dinner in the Sky events have been held in over 25 countries for various organisations and sponsors using 20 tables. New additions are expected soon in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, India, Brazil and Chile.

“Today, people want to have extraordinary experiences, and all these events have been unique,” highlights Dinner in the Sky’s David Ghysels. “There were incredible dinners of course, but also unforgettable views and experiences, including an Opera in the Sky with Lesley Garrett at the Tower of London and an Internet Café in the Sky in Las Vegas.”

Each Dinner in the Sky table is built in Belgium and operated according to TÜV and DIN 4112 standards. The platform is hoisted back down to the ground when guest require a toilet break – so now you know!

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