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Wavegarden establishes strategic alliance with Sener to construct surfing facilities

Wavegarden, designer, manufacturer and supplier of wave generation systems and surfing lagoons and the engineering and technology group Sener have established an agreement to construct and deliver turnkey Wavegarden surfing facilities throughout the world.

Currently, both companies are collaborating on a project in Seoul (Korea), as recently announced by Wavegarden, which will open in 2020, as well as in the engineering and technical support of many other projects under development in Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico.

Sener’s Power and Industrial Business Development Manager, Borja Zárraga, said: “For Sener, being able to participate in such a pioneering typology of projects and doing so on a fully international scale is a source of great satisfaction. We are therefore most grateful for the trust Wavegarden has placed in us with this framework partnership agreement, which will ensure a successful joint execution.”

Fernando Odriozola, Wavegarden’s Business Development Director and shareholder, outlined the importance of the relationship with Sener, expressing: “We are at the beginning of a new business sector, that of artificial surfing lagoons, in which we aspire to consolidate our position as world leaders. The strategic alliance with Sener, with their proven professionalism in the execution of very complex industrial projects, allows us to offer our clients a turnkey solution that achieves the quality standards of the most demanding markets.”

The revolutionary Wavegarden Cove technology is capable of producing up to 1,000 waves per hour (more than two million waves per year) of different types and sizes. Catering for up to 90 surfers, simultaneously, bespoke waves for all experience levels break in various areas of the surfing lagoon. The Wavegarden system has other advantages such as its easy installation, operation and maintenance and its machinery is modular, energy efficient and adaptable to various lagoon dimensions. Thanks to the strategic alliance between both companies, different construction solutions can be used to integrate Wavegarden’s technology into any geographical landscape

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