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Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi announces the launch of all-new ‘The Batman Season’

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is introducing its first-ever ‘The Batman Season’, featuring various Batman-inspired activities and live shows, running until March 31. In line with the highly-anticipated release of the all-new ‘The Batman’ movie on March 3, guests and families can enjoy a series of in-park activations and watch as Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi takes Batman fandom to another level.

Starting from the Park’s entrance, park-goers can wear their team sticker with pride as they pick to be on #TeamBatman or #TeamRogues and share their alliance with friends on social media. In addition, guests can capture a memorable moment with the infamous Bugs Bunny statue wearing the BATMAN™ mask and cape. Moving on, Batman fans can also refresh their photo library with a unique picture at the rotunda as they are surrounded by Batman-themed pillars and a red movie inspired ambiance available only for a limited time during The Batman Season.

Once inside the Warner Bros. Plaza, guests will get to see the Park’s sky transform to Ruby red while gazing at the iconic BAT-SIGNAL™ projection. Guests and their little ones can also get crafty and make a Batman mosaic at Gotham City and then reward themselves with a delectable limited-edition Batman waffle available at Beverly Hills Boulangerie.

For the ultimate Batman-inspired experience, guests and families can enter Gotham City to enjoy a variety of live shows and entertainment. Alongside the Park’s unique experiences during ‘The Batman Season’, guests are in for an unparalleled immersive journey at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi’s Gotham City. Guests can catch the all-new ‘Scarecrow Revenge’ show, which delivers a dynamic and new performance featuring DC Super-Villains Harley Quinn and Scarecrow, alongside everyone’s favourite Caped Crusader, Batman. Furthermore, guests can watch the helicopter search lights rigged high up in Gotham City for a unique experience at this legendary urban landscape.

For the first time, the Batmobile will be relocating to a new spot, granting guests a unique ‘meet and greet’ photo opportunity to make the best out of their visit at the incredibly immersive indoor theme park. In addition, Batman fans can collect mementos and souvenirs from the various shops and merchandise available at Gotham City, such as Monarch Theatre Gifts and Harlequin Confections, to name a few.

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