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Walibi Holland reopens with newly rethemed area

Image Credit: LEG

On the 25th of May, Walibi Holland opened their doors again with the newly rethemed area Speed Zone.


After the retheming of Sherwood forest into Wilderness, which opened in 2019, Walibi Holland continued their ‘festivalization’ rebranding strategy with the opening of the Speed Zone area. As Leisure Expert Group has designed both themepark experiences as well as many festival experiences and stages, they were selected as design partner to contribute in this ‘festivalization’ rebranding initiated by Walibi Holland. A festival like atmosphere was created by designing a new scenic layer to the existing buildings and attractions in the area, which was later constructed and installed by MK Themed Attractions. “We are pleased to have extended the collaboration with Walibi Holland,” says project manager of Leisure Expert Group, Peter Gros, “by bringing our festival experience into the project we were able to create the festival atmosphere that Walibi Holland was looking for, and we are excited to show the result.”


The area represents the automotive world in an unexpected way. It provides the feeling of being in an automotive themed area while steering away from obvious elements. Leisure Expert Group was responsible for the concept design, which was led by Walibi Holland CEO Mascha van Till, and the schematic design. The retheming includes the scenery, attractions and other facilities in the area. As well as several façades such as the brand new “car-front” for the diner of the area, produced with larger than life automotive elements and an impressive new air-fix-car-kit-façade for the well-known Goliath.


Besides producing and installing façades and ride theming for G-Force and all the other attractions, MK Themed Attractions also produced and installed, along with help from Walibi Holland’s skilled installation team, a brand-new landmark for Space Shot. The 57 meters tall ride now has an extraordinary race car “shooting” up in the sky guaranteeing impressive looks from the theme park’s guests. “We have yet again produced and installed a fantastic project for Walibi Holland that we are truly proud of, and that we without doubts believe that their guests are going to find impressive and fun” Says René Hansen Managing Director at MK Themed Attractions.


The production and installation of the retheming demanded various use of material, and as the rapidly growing theming company MK Themed Attractions holds numerous expertise within production of themed experiences, they were chosen as supplier. “When we produce and install a themed experience as this one, we always choose material based on the designed experience we are bringing to life, and because our experienced craftsmen know how to work with different kinds of metal, fabric, foils, fiberglass, wood etc. we are able to bring the desired design from paper into reality, making it look exactly as intended” says René Hansen.


Over the years various clients selected MK Themed Attractions and Leisure Expert Group based on their individual expertise, such as multiple areas at Djurs Sommerland, Movie Park’s Excalibur – Secrets of the dark forest, as well as last year’s Wilderness area at Walibi Holland. These projects, including the new Speed Zone at Walibi Holland, ended up to be great successes.

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