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Virtual reality goes to new depths…Underwater

Sub Sea Systems, a supplier of innovative products for the marine tourism industry, and San Francisco tech firm, Ballast Technology, have partnered to introduce DIVR+, the world’s first virtual reality snorkelling system with in-water sensory effects.

Imagine snorkelling with whales, diving a mysterious shipwreck, exploring the International Space Station or skydiving with a squirrel suit. Adventures that were previously thought to be inaccessible can now be experienced in a swimming pool, at a depth of less than one meter.

With DIVR+, participants breathe through a snorkel while floating, neutrally buoyant, in water– a near-zero gravity environment. The medium of water, combined with 360° virtual reality content, sound and sensory effects, conveys a realism which cannot be experienced through traditional, land-based VR. Participants hold onto stationary thrusters that emit fluctuating thrusts of water and multiple, bubble-induced sensations which are synchronised with the visual content. Guests feel the tickle of a school of fish and the rushing sensation of water as they zoom through tunnels, or the vibration of passing meteors as they approach the space station.

Trained lifeguards are all that is required to operate and supervise the experience.

The virtual reality content is customisable to fit a waterpark’s theme or given storyline. Multiple content pieces can be offered and sold as packaged experiences. Changing or starting the digital content is done with the tap of an NFC card to the VR headset.

Surprisingly, many participants experience snorkelling for the first time through the VR snorkelling systems; DIVR+ offers an exceptional platform to teach the basics of snorkelling within a highly controlled, comfortable environment.

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