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Vancouver Aquarium reopens with new additions

The Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, fully reopened to the public earlier this week, under the ownership of Herschend Enterprises.

The aquarium has undergone a number of upgrades, with new attractions including a new “Octopus” film in its 4D theatre and a new exhibit dedicated to the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

The 4D Experience invites guests to immerse themselves in a cinematic adventure filled with thrilling sensory effects such as wind, mist, scents and dramatic lighting.

Aiming to ‘bring learning to life’, the 4D seat system includes an number of features and effects, each one carefully choreographed to the film on the screen. Guests are transported into the action through the special effects of sound, smell, touch, lights and weather effects.

The theatre is now playing Octopus: Blue Planet II 4D Experience. Inspired by the critically-acclaimed BBC series, Blue Planet II, this special effects experience takes viewers beneath the surface to explore how the octopus masters physical and mental strengths to outwit and escape its underwater rivals as it navigates our planet’s oceans.

New Marine Mammal Rescue exhibit, meanwhile, means guests can see the rescued seals and sea lions now finding sanctuary at the Vancouver Aquarium, learn their rescue stories, and understand what has made the Aquarium a leader in marine mammal rescue for over 60 years.

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