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Upside down bumper cars?


The new Laser Fury 360 from Amusement Products (pictured) combines full vertical and horizontal motion with interactive game play.

Riders/players strap into their ride vehicles, spinning and flipping around the arena/track, shooting lasers in all directions at opponents’ vehicles as well as ceiling and wall targets in an attempt to score points and win the game. “For 2015 we have created a radically different ride experience for FECs,” says Amusement Products president and CEO, Dutch Magrath. “The Laser Fury 360 is as extreme and exciting as they come.”

Park World wishes the US firm well, but sometimes it’s hard to successively reinvent a classic, and the demo set-up on show at IAAPA Attractions Expo last month seemed to feature a lot of frustrating stops and starts for the riders.

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