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Upper Clements Parks Turns Out the Lights

The Municipality of the County of Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada, has bought Upper Clements Park for $600,000 so it can be redeveloped as a private school. Municipal officials believe the proposed $62 million boarding school will result in significant spending and employment in the community. Gordonstoun, a private boarding school in Scotland, wants to open a location in North America, expected to open in 2021.

Upper Clements Parks was a seasonal theme park located in Annapolis Royal. It was owned and operated by a non profit community group, The Upper Clements Parks Society, and was composed of two parks; Upper Clements Theme Park and Upper Clements Adventure Park. The park had a wooden coaster and a water coaster and over 40 rides and attractions. Despite the best efforts of the Upper Clements Park Society, the theme park was struggling financially and on the verge of bankruptcy.

The province of Nova Scotia spent $23 million to build Upper Clements Park in 1989. The park was operated privately between 1994 and 1997 and then the non-profit society took over. The seasonal facility has employed about 175 people.

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