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Two new rides for Indiana Beach

With a nod to the park’s nostalgia, the Boardwalk portion of Indiana Beach will welcome the Polyp ride. Built by Klaus, the Polyp has five arms with four cars attached to each arm. The arms move up and down as the ride goes in a circular motion. The ride is currently being restored. It originally operated at now defunct Kiddieland Amusement Park, Melrose Park, Illinois.

The second ride will be the park’s sixth coaster, a Triple Loop coaster designed and manufactured by Anton Schwarzkopf. This ride is 110 feet (34 m) tall, 3,444 feet (1.050 m) long, and carries riders to a top speed of 53 mph (85 kph). It will be completely reconditioned and installed in time for the summer of 2021. The coaster first operated as Triple Loop Coaster from 1997 through 1999 at Sunway Lagoon. It was then moved to Flamingo Land, Malton, UK and operated as Magnum Force from 2000 through 2005. It was then transported to La Feria Chapultepec Magico in Mixico City where it rolled as Quimera from 2007 through 2019 before finding its latest home.

“This Triple Loop, Steel, Sit Down Coaster is the perfect fit to accompany our existing line-up of amazing coasters,” said Indiana Beach owner Gene Staples. “As we head into the offseason we are continuously looking for ways to improve our guest experiences. One important way is through the addition of new rides and attractions, and we feel both of these rides are a great fit and complement to our existing line up.”

Indiana Beach Amusement and Water Park will open for its 95th season in May of 2021.

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