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Two coasters planned for American Dream

The indoor Nickelodeon Universe theme park at American Dream, East Rutherford, New Jersey, will feature two record-breaking roller coasters by Gerstlauer. They consist of an intertwined Launched Euro-Fighter with a beyond-vertical drop and a Spinning Coaster whose cars rotate on a vertical axis as they move along the track.

“Featuring the best in family and adult entertainment, Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream has been designed to appeal to customers of all ages,” says Don Ghermezian, President Triple Five, operator of American Dream. “By working with the best partners in the business, our park experience will be highly themed and offer one of a kind rides by Gerstlauer.”


The Euro-Fighter boasts the world record for the steepest roller coaster drop, while the Spinning Coaster will hold the titles of the world’s tallest and longest free spinning roller coaster. The two roller coasters will be intertwined, which means the combined 14 vehicles will run in and around each other.


“These two coasters, appealing to thrill seekers, will break three world-records combined,” commented Gary Hanson, a management consultant at Triple Five. “Gerstlauer has far exceeded our expectations with these new-to-market coasters and we’re excited to have them on this journey with us.”


“We have worked on many projects, but this will be unlike anything we have ever designed,” said Siegfried Gerstlauer, managing director of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. “Visitors to Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream are in for a great ride.”

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