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Tusenfryd host roller coaster VR premiere

In April this year, guests at the Norwegian theme park Tusenfryd will be able to watch a VR movie made for one of the park’s roller coasters – whilst riding it. 

Steampunk Hunters boasts a family-friendly physical and virtual journey. Riders will hunt through mines for monsters, shooting targets and accumulating a score with each successful hit. The VR film was developed by VR-Coaster, has a tailored sound image that is synchronised with the movement of the track, and features 3D effects and dynamic goals.

Likewise, the Western Expressen attraction has its own virtual element – experienced through VR glasses, and this summer guests will be able to watch the Burnout Stuntshow car show lead by Asgeir Borgemoen.

Further events and upgrades are planned for Tusenfryd this year. June 11th marks the park’s 30th anniversary, and the ThunderCoaster, with its 950m wooden track and top speed of almost 100km/h, is receiving £5m in upgrades and upkeep.

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