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Turbo Drachen

ABC Engineering recently unveiled its latest coaster concept at Potts Park in Germany. Turbo Drachen (Turbo Dragon) is the Swiss manufacturer’s first Dynamic Flyer, and the suspense has been building all season for Potts’ guests.

Featuring 450-metres of track, this suspended motorised coaster crosses over and under its self several times, as well as interacting with other rides at this family park in the town of Minden (about an hour from Hannover).

As Turbo Drachen took shape during the season, it attracted plenty of attention. The ride was originally due to open over the summer, but ABC faced a number of challenges during design and construction. Indeed, both and manufacturer and park owner were tested to their very limits in the run-up to the ride’s eventual opening last month.

“Quite a few elements were found to be unpractical or not sturdy enough for the dynamics of the ride,” explains ABC Engineering’s Alberto Brandestini. “The size and layout of the coaster would not permit a factory set-up and testing, so all adjustments and improvements had to be made during commissioning.”

Fortunately the Potts family has a long and trusted relationship with ABC and its founder Willy Walser. In 1997, when he was still working for Bear Rides, Walser supplied a flume ride to Potts Park with whale-themed boats instead of the usual logs. When ABC developed plans for a suspended coaster in 2005, Walser was keen to present the concept to the Potts family, and three years later they finally signed up for Turbo Drachen.

The coaster features six 3-seater vehicles shaped like gliders, finished in Potts’ corporate red, yellow and green colour scheme. While it might be exhilarating, the ride experience is never too scary, as it has been engineered for guests as young as three to enjoy (if accompanied by an adult). Each ride lasts around 90 seconds.

TÜV certification took place on September 29/30, ahead of an October launch – a great way for Potts Park to top off its 40th anniversary season!


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