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Trollfallet at Hunderfossen

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Norway’s third largest amusement park has added a €2 million attraction called Trollfallet. Located at the top of the park’s spectacular castle building, the new addition continues the park’s tradition of fairytale and folklore and fuses a freefall tower with a walk-through preshow.

Devised in partnership with the park’s management by Nick Farmer of Farmer Attraction Development, Trollfallet follows a traditional folk story of a prince and princess taken prisoner by the trolls. Visitors must rescue the royals from the top of the tower.

As they enter the attraction, guests pass through a troll-laden path and into a welcome room packed with props including a talking deer. Inside the troll’s store room they see large sacks of meat, grain and coffee, while in the kitchen can be found a baby troll, a cooking troll, and a pig roast.

Down in the vaults are lots of gold and coins, but also swords, spiders, flickering lights and a slamming door. To reach the tower room near the end of the attraction, visitors must cross a rope bridge. Here the tower ride takes guests up to see the princess, but after an encounter with the troll they soon plummet back down to the ground.

The ride system was supplied by ABC Rides of Switzerland, and passengers must be at least 1.2-metres tall to try it. The accompanying photo system, responsible for the shot you see above, was installed by Picsolve International.

The attraction accommodates up to 400 guests an hour and can also be used as a setting for corporate events. Signage and soundtrack is provided in both Norweigan and English.

“Trollfallet is a great ride and is in keeping with our very high standards of storytelling and presentation,” says Hunderfossen director Hogne Høstmælingen. “The ride has definitely been a great success, and we are experiencing very satisfied guests.”

Entertaining over 300,000 guests a year, Hunderfossen is located near the town of Lillehammer, famous for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics. The park attracts guests from all over Norway. Trolls feature heavily throughout the park, which covers am area of around 300 acres. In total there are more than 50 attractions, including nine restaurants and 11 shops. Also new this season is a set of bumper cars from Zamperla. After main season is over, Hunderfossen comes alive as a winter park including an ice cathedral and snow hotel.

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