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Triotech unveils walkthrough attraction for OCT Group in China

Triotech is opening of a custom-designed double walkthrough attraction at Fabland Valley Resort in Xiangyang in the Province of Hubei, China.

Owned and operated by the OCT Group, Fabland Valley resort includes six themed areas. The Walktrough attraction is located at the “Alien Port”, and part of the land of the Fantasy Valley Resort.

Triotech designed a thrilling walkthrough experience covering more than 1,000 sq meters called ‘Hive Break’. This 12-minute, highly immersive and interactive attraction features two parallel pathways with intertwining narratives. Therefore, guests choose to battle as pirates or bounty hunters in an epic sci-fi battle over ancient alien technology!

Each parallel path consists of three unique zones: a Motion Simulator, a Training Facility (Interactive Projection Mapping), and an Interactive Theatre.

This double walkthrough attraction offers high throughput and encourages repeat visits as guests experience a different narrative depending on the path they choose in the queue line. Triotech designed, developed and manufactured each component of this multisensory attraction, including using its proprietary Illusio interactive projection mapping. The interactive custom media content has been entirely created by Triotech’s own studio in Montreal on the UNREAL game engine.

Evolving Collaboration

Ernest Yale, president and CEO of Triotech, said: “OCT and Triotech have a long collaborative history with a dozen projects completed over recent years. OCT Group understand their guests very well and recognise the importance of creative attractions that feature advanced technology. This is what Triotech delivers combining the expertise of our teams in Montreal, France, and Beijing.”

Mr. Wang from the Equipment Management Department at OCT added: “During the execution of this project, Triotech’s teams worked closely with us to overcome the adverse impact of the pandemic on the dispatch of workers, the arrival of goods, on-site installation and commissioning, and ensured that the attraction opened on time.”

Media-heavy Sci-Fi Space Adventure

‘Hive Break’ is set in a futuristic fantasy world. The queueing area simulates an interstellar port where guests prepare for the adventure that awaits. Prior to boarding their shuttle, guests are split into two groups of 16. Depending on which shuttle they board, guests will meet their virtual guides, Chen or Korok, and experience a different side of their interconnected story.

The first component of each walkthrough is a Motion Simulator that replicates a space shuttle. This Motion Simulator features 4K media content, a motion platform and special effects such as smoke and lights. Guests are immersed in a thrilling ride that takes them through an alien wormhole to a distant galaxy where they face a pirate attack and a crash landing.

Next, as guests exit the wreckage, they proceed towards the Training Facility where they learn how to use their targeting device and engage in an epic battle with alien creatures and a bounty hunter ship. Using Triotech’s illusio technology, interactive media content is projection mapped on a volumetric surface and is used to continually transform the environment, taking guests on an ever-changing journey.

To complete their mission, guests head to the third and final zone, the Interactive Theatre, which is a fully themed command centre. Equipped with 3D glasses and a targeting device, guests partake in an epic, interactive space battle to complete their mission. Motion seats, wind, and interactive 3D media content are combined to bring this experience to an unexpected and climactic finale.

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