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Triotech launches the Storm

Following its iconic predecessors, the Typhoon and the Mad Wave Theater, both best-selling coin-op simulators that still populate most FECs and arcades around the world, Triotech has launched the Storm, an interactive VR coin-op game that features two competing players sitting side-by-side on motion seats.

“What is unique about the Storm is that it is interactive VR but guests do not hold a controller, they play by moving their hands and arms around,” said Ernest Yale, Founder, President & CEO of Triotech. “It’s not only a thrill ride but also a side-by-side competition which players always enjoy.”

Featuring a world-premiere for coin-op VR games, players interact by simple hand and arm motion, there is no controller in their hands. This device-free interactivity in a VR coin-op simulator is unique. Triotech’s Storm comes with wind effects, motion, and exclusive content developed by Triotech.

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