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Triotech launches Reef Rider

Triotech has introduced Reef Rider, a new interactive VR film developed exclusively for the Storm. The Storm is Triotech’s latest interactive VR coin-op simulator which was successfully launched at IAAPA EXPO Orlando. This one-of-a-kind VR experience is set in an underwater setting and was developed by Triotech’s animation studio. In this adventure, two players compete side-by-side in a surprising underwater ride while trying to catch bubbles and other power-ops.

“Storm was an amazing success when we introduced it in Orlando, said Ernest Yale, CEO of Triotech. “Interactivity is what distinguishes the Storm from other VR simulators. In this regard, it is unique in the market. Add to that the competition between riders, the super precise motion, special effects, and the resulting experience is refreshingly new and fun. The earning results are great; up to $5,500 per week even after re-opening post-Covid. It’s a cutting-edge VR simulator that appeals to a wide demographic market. You see riders laugh, scream, and have an all-around good time playing Storm. The fact that players choose their own adventure and difficulty setting drives replays for operators.”

During these difficult times hygiene issues are also crucial for operators. With Triotech’s motion detection technology, Storm eliminates the need for players to touch components or controls during the game. It is also coin-operated and easy to clean which makes it an ideal solution for FECs.

Reef Rider is the second film made available for the Storm. The premise is a thrilling underwater ride which provides variety in the experience for guests. Offering several rides with different environments and stories also drives replays. Triotech is developing a complete content library just like it has done for its other perennial best earner coin-op simulator, the Typhoon.

Storm is a fully interactive two player side-by-side VR coin-operated simulator. Motion capture technology allows players to interact by simply waving their hands. The intuitive game play makes it an instant hit for all demographics. Full motion seats and special effects complete the virtual reality experience.

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