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Toverland gives preview of 2020: longer opening times and more events

The opening times of Theme park Toverland will be extended in 2020. This means that the theme park remains open until at least 18:00 hours and even until 20:00 hours during the summer holiday. Also more events than ever are on next year’s programme. Visitors can enjoy no less than 12 Midsummer Evenings and 14 Halloween Nights. That’s eight evenings more than in 2019. The theme park remains open until 23:00 hours during these events. Also the summer season will have an extra early start. The entire theme park is already open during the carnival school holiday and the weekends thereafter. Toverland’s doors will also be open in November and December during weekends and the Christmas school holiday.

General Director Jean Gelissen jr. says that the extended opening times tie in with the vision of Toverland. “We can create more magical moments of happiness by allowing our guests more time to visit us.” Events will also take place more frequently next year. “Events that give an extra dimension to our guest’s overall experience. We want the ability to offer yet more guests the opportunity to come and experience this for themselves,” said Jean.

Opening times 2020

Toverland offers its two roofed theme areas Land van Toos and Wunderwald during the winter season of 2019-2020. The park opens from 11:00 to 18:00 hours. The entire theme park, including its four outdoor areas will already be open during the spring holiday and the weekends leading up to the official start of the summer season on 28 March. The park just opens one hour earlier at 10:00. Normal opening times for a summer season are between 10:00 – 18:00 hours. In the summer holiday, from Saturday 11 July until Sunday 30 August, these opening times will be extended to 20:00 hours. During the Midsummer Evenings and Halloween Nights is Toverland open until 23:00 hours. In the winter season that follows from Monday 9 November until Friday 18 December, the two indoor theme areas are open, weekends only, from 11:00 – 18:00 hours. They will be joined during the Christmas school holiday by Ithaka, the theme area with amongst others wooden rollercoaster Troy, and Toverland then remains open for most of the days until 19:00 hours.

Events 2020

The second edition of the YOUTUBERSxTOVERLAND event takes place on Sunday 17 May, whereby visitors can meet their favourite YouTubers in Toverland. The Midsummer Evenings take place in the summer holiday from 15 July until 22 Augustus every Wednesday and Saturday, with extra summer entertainment across six theme areas. The months October and November are all about Halloween, with 19 Halloween Days and 14 Halloween Nights in the period of 9 October until 8 November. The Magical Winter Weeks take place during the Christmas school holiday from 19 December until 3 January.

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