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Toverland expansion announced

The Dutch park Toverland is to expand its Troy zone with the opening of a new harbour area and a pirate ship attraction. Even bigger things are planned for 2011, when the park celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The new ride, supplied by the German manufacturer Metallbau Emmeln, will swing to a height of 15-metres and reach a top speed of 42 km/h. Particularly spectacular is the angle the ride will swing to – 75 degrees, versus the usual 60. This is expected to provide more “airtime” than most pirate ships. Named Scorpios, the ride will be themed as a Scorpion, and open this July.

Toverland, a combination of indoor and outdoor park outside the town of Sevenum, is spending  €2.5 million  ($3.3m) on the Troy expansion this season. Also planned is a track ride for children, where young guests can ride a Greek horse among sand dunes.

“With the wooden rollercoaster Troy we started a new area of the park in 2007 based around Greek mythology,” notes Toverland managing director, Caroline Maessen. “A new, much bigger and spectacular attraction is planned for our anniversary in 2011.”

Details of the ride are still under wraps, but it is expected to be a rollercoaster, called Odysseus.

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