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Tivoli postpones summer opening to April 16

Sommer i Tivoli 2019. Hovedindgangen

Tivoli statement in full:

The government, headed by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, has, repeatedly called on the Danes to act responsibly and care for each other. At the same time, the government has introduced restrictions regarding gathering in workplaces, schools, cultural institutions, etc. In that light, Tivoli has chosen to show timely care and postpone the opening of the summer season until April 16.

Tivoli in central Copenhagen was set to open for its summer season on 2 April. Prime Minister has clearly stated that “there is one thing that works against infection, namely not to interact with each other too much. We as Danes usually seek the community by being close together, but now we have to stand together by staying apart.”

As a result of the government’s recommendations and further restrictions on the Covid-19 virus, Tivoli has today decided to postpone the opening until 16 April.

Tivoli’s CEO Lars Liebst said:

“We have been following the developments hour by hour and have now decided to postpone the opening of our summer season. We choose to postpone the opening in light of the recent measures and the prime minister’s general call for citizens and businesses to respect the seriousness of the situation and not meet in larger groups. Naturally, Tivoli follows this call. We focus on the well-being of employees and guests. “

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