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Tivoli celebrates 175-year anniversary

A bumper year of projects and performances is in the works this year at Tivoli Gardens, a Copenhagen based theme park and pleasure garden.

February saw the park stage a celebration of lights, with work beginning on a new anniversary garden and amusement ride; Tik Tak, which will open later in the year.

Tivoli’s summer season will take place from March 24 to September 23, kicking off with a family-friendly Easter theme. Mid-April sees the beginning of the Friday Rock Concert series on Tivoli’s open-air stage.

May 1 marks the premier of the Tivoli 175-Year Anniversary Parade, which features a float designed by Walt Disney World Resort, and music by Bent Fabric. More musical events are planned for the Tivoli Concert Hall with classical performances running throughout the summer from May.

In August, Tivoli welcomes the New York City ballet, and the Tivoli Ballet Theatre will also perform at the Pantomime Theatre. Similarly, the Christmas period will see performances of the Nutcracker run at the Concert Hall.

Tivoli has also opened the Little Tivoli gift shop in the park, and a number of dining spots serving hot and cold food. Visitors to the gardens will be able to ride The Demon; Tivoli’s VR-optional rollercoaster, the 63m Golden Tower, and the Aquila eagle attraction.

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