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Timberliner trains

by Gravity Group

A new range of wooden coaster trains from the Gravity Group and its sister company Gravity Kraft promises to increase rider comfort.

The ergonomically-designed Timberliner seats feature suspension to absorb shock and vibration. Generously padded and fitted with intuitive, easy-to-use restraints, the Gravity Group claims the trains steer and stay on course where other coaster trains skid and shuffle. This in turn reduces forces onto the track and cuts maintenance on both trains and track.

Following tests last spring, The Voyage at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, will be the first ride to use the Timberliner trains. The padded seats will accommodate wider-hipped and longer-legged riders.

“When the engineers at The Gravity Group told us they designed Timberliner trains with The Voyage in mind, they definitely got our attention” says Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari president Will Koch. “Since the trains ‘track’ better, riders will experience a much smoother Voyage. That also means there will be less ‘rolling friction,’ so the ride will quite possibly be even faster when it reopens in May.”

The Voyage is 1.2 miles long and provides a record 24.2 seconds of “air time” plus five underground tunnels. The new trains, which will each seat 28 riders, will be assembled in Indianapolis. The Gravity Group is headquartered in Cincinnati.

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