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Thinking about theming and making it happen

Park World editor, Becci Knowles talks to six key players in the industry about what it takes to create a fully immersive experience

Unlimited Snow is a leisure development company specialised in snow and ice environments. Commenting on current trends in theming within this context, CEO Kees Albers says: ““For snow parks, we see the considerable change from industrial types of building interiors to highly themed and IP/story- based environments whereby the theming is an important part of the WOW factor.”

Kees also notes “increased use of show lighting as well as digital projection on 2D and projection mapping on 3D surfaces as technology keeps improving and is increasingly affordable. It’s an economic way of staying flexible and providing new experiences every time, including interactive play and games,” he says.

 One of the major trends we see is the need to evolve the already existing seasons in amusement parks, so guests come back several times during the same season,” says Lars Nielsen, themed attractions manager, MK Themed Attractions. “More specifically we saw it with the Flower Festival that we helped create for Tivoli Friheden in Denmark during the summer of 2020. The amusement park had a 45% increase in the number of guests compared to the same period in 2019, where they did not have a Flower Festival pop-up event. Hence, we have expanded our portfolio of pop-up-events to include a variety of different themes and concepts and we are looking forward to explore this exciting new trend.”

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