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There’s gold in that there field…

A small Danish amusement park is offering visitors the chance to take away a big prize this summer, and all for the regular price of admission.

Each afternoon from 2 to 4pm, guests at Sommerland Sjælland, an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, are invited to search a field for real, 24 carat gold nuggets valued at between €130-200 each. If they find one, the park will offer to buy them back for DKK1,000 (€133). Shovels and bear hands are encouraged during the daily gold rush, but metal detectors are strictly off limits.

While panning for gold attractions featuring coins or fake gold are a popular revenue generator for many parks and attractions, Sommerland Sjælland owner Kåre Dyvekær (pictured) was keen to give his guests the chance to find real gold – and it didn’t want to charge them a penny to do it.

“I’ve played with the thought for years, as it could be a fun way to use our Wastern-themed area, Silver City,” he explains. “Imagine digging for real gold, and perhaps ending up going home with more money in your pocket than you came in with?”

Here’s hoping this innovative initiative, and the publicity resulting from it, gains Sommerland Sjælland plenty of extra visitors this season.

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