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Theme park inspired video game comes with real smells

Foolish Mortals is a ‘merry and macabre’ point-and-click adventure game, recently unveiled on Kickstarter. An accompanying scent experience has been created by AromaPrime, creator of the smells of cookies, dinosaurs, penguin sick, and more, for many favourite theme parks.

The ghostly new game Foolish Mortals is being produced and directed by David Younger, a familiar name in the attractions industry as author of the acclaimed Theme Park Design and The Art of Themed Entertainment. With heavy inspiration taken from Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean rides, the game’s team also includes former Disney Imagineer Don Carson and theme park graphic designer Jeffrey Steenbergen.

Furthering the theme park connection is an exciting collaboration with theme park scenting company AromaPrime, which creates smells for attractions like LEGOLAND and Madame Tussauds. For the first time since Leather Goddesses Of Phobos’ scratch ‘n’ sniff card in 1986, players will actually be able to smell a point-and-click adventure as they play, using the scents of the game’s different locations.

For theme park levels of immersion, the scents are presented as if they come from the game’s universe. Spectral Scents of the Devil’s Rock Parfumarie is the title of the elaborately decorated package containing seven sniffable blotters.

This exciting range is available as one of the unique rewards in the Foolish Mortals Kickstarter campaign, and players can use it to transport themselves into the game’s story as it unfolds.

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