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Theme Park Design: Behind The Scenes With An Engineer

by Steve Alcorn

This new book published over the winter is packed full of detail, though lacking in pictures.

A former Disney Imagineer, Steve Alcorn is now a major supplier of audiovisual services to the attractions industry at Alcorn McBride, as a well teacher of online classes in theme park engineering.

As well as some useful definitions of different types of rides, shows and attractions, Steve offers many technical tips for anyone working behind the scenes with amusement park hardware and equipment.

Theme Park Design explores ride control, mechanics, audio, video, lighting, special effects, animated figures art direction and much more, with insider stories from some of the world’s greatest attractions.

“Welcome to my world,” says Steve. “It’s a world that balances precariously between surreal creativity and gritty reality. A world where brainstorms turn into contraptions. A world where fun is a business and – if we’re lucky – business is fun.”

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