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Theme Index 2011 – attendance figures released

The Theme Index attendance report for 2011 has been published by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and AECOM.

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The 2011 figures point to economic recovery and increased globalisation of the themed entertainment industry. Having for the first time crossed the 100 million mark in attendance, Asia now represents one third of the global visitor attractions market and could in time surpass the United States. The quality of the guest experience at Asian attractions is also rising fast. In North America, Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego were standouts in attendance growth, and Orlando tourism has rebounded. In Europe, hospitality packages and holiday specials have helped theme parks maintain patronage and profitability.

“In the 20 years since TEA was founded, the international attractions industry which it serves has had its ups and downs – but overall it has grown and our members have grown with it,” notes TEA president Rick Rothschild. “The landscape is more international; attractions and audiences are more diverse; and a new generation of creative storytellers and technical specialists is emerging alongside the veterans.”

Key Figures from the Theme Index 2011 include:

•Top 5 theme parks worldwide, ranked by attendance: Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World (Orlando), Disneyland (California), Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris.

•Top 5 theme park groups worldwide, ranked by attendance: Walt Disney Attractions, Merlin Entertainments, Universal Studios Recreation Group, Parques Reunidos, Six Flags.

•198.1 million: Total attendance for top 25 worldwide parks, a 4.8% rise from 2010

•127 million: Total visits to top 20 theme parks in North America, a 2.9 % ride from 2010

•105.1 million: Total visits to the top 20 Asian theme parks, a 9.4 % rise from 2010

•57.8 million: Attendance for the top 20 European theme parks, a 2.8% ride from 2010

•13.4 million: Total visits to top 10 Latin American theme parks, a 0.7% rise from 2010

•24.4 million: Top 20 worldwide waterparks attendance in 2011, a 9.4% rise from 2010

This definitive study of visitor numbers to major theme parks, amusement parks and waterparks across the world is widely used by developers, creative professionals, the travel industry, the business community, media and theme park fans. The report is produced by the TEA together with the Economics practice of AECOM, global provider of technical and management support services.


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