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The Underwater Olympics!

Chinese aquarium offers sub aqua sports

While Beijing prepares for the Olympic Games, a few hundred kilometres away in Dalian, guests at Sun Asia Ocean World can witness the Undersea Olympics!

Since 2006, China’s first underwater tunnel aquarium has invited competitors from home and abroad to take part in a variety of sub aqua sports. One of the most popular fixtures so far has been the “World Cup” under the sea. Players must carry a heavy oxygen cylinder on their back, wear a thick diving suit and endure the high water pressure as they attempt to kick a football beneath the water.
During a recent match, two Chinese national team players were invited to play against Brazil. “It was harder than they thought,” says an aquarium spokesperson, “especially with sharks and thousands of fish swimming around!” Nevertheless, China won 2-1. Call it home advantage.
Olympic gymnast Liu Xuan, meanwhile, overcame a fear of diving to enjoy a game of “Beluga Knight,” in which she climbed onto the back of beluga whale to grasp a ring and win the game. Many other Olympic champions and pop stars have also taken part in various competitions, creating some great PR for Sun Asia Ocean World in the process.

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