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“The Storm Coaster” opens at Dubai Hills Mall, Dubai

On the 17th of February 2022, Emaar Entertainment revealed the launch of The Storm Coaster, an indoor Intamin LSM LAUNCH COASTER, located at the newly opened Dubai Hills Mall.

Described as a “world first” rollercoaster, it is integrated directly into the structure of a building, pushing the boundary of all aspects of engineering design and puts guests in the exciting world of storm chasing.

Utilising Intamin’s most powerful LSM drive system, this non-stop action-packed LSM Launch Coaster has a thrilling 50 metres vertical launch, making every passengers adrenalin pump. Riders will experience airtime, speed changes, a sharp drop and unexpected acceleration on a total of 670 meters of track with a top speed of 77 km/h. The Storm Coaster which wraps around the entire building it’s housed in, will surely delight all thrill seekers.

The three 12-seater, themed state-of-the-art trains with ergonomically shaped seats and over-the-shoulder-lap-bar restraints ensure maximum freedom and comfort with the highest safety for the passengers.

“Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Dubai Hills Mall and would like to thank Emaar Entertainment and the entire team for the outstanding cooperation,” said a spokesperson.

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