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The most terrifyingly fun Halloween arrives at PortAventura World

With the arrival of Halloween, the resort is transformed for visitors to feel its spooky spirit in every corner. Everywhere is adorned with pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and cobwebs, making this a very special place indeed. PortAventura World offers a complete experience of attractions, restaurants and accommodation designed for all ages.

To coincide with the start of this season, PortAventura World has brought back its shows, with Halloween Kingdom, Bang Bang Halloween, and Aves del Paraíso. Halloween also sees the return of mythical, creepy, and funny characters that roam PortAventura Park in these days. For visitors looking for a more intense experience, the resort offers the ultimate trifecta: “La Isla Maldita”, Apocalipsis Maya and [REC] Experience, three passages of terror that can be visited individually or altogether with the Halloween Passport.

“La Isla Maldita” returns to delight the most intrepid visitors with its spectacular route that passes through Caribe Aquatic Park. This passage of terror, unique to Europe, is 1 kilometre long and features a background story set on a remote Caribbean island, with scenery made up of water, sunken boats, and lush vegetation.

As a new addition to the range of food on offer, visitors can taste typical Mayan cuisine at the recently opened taqueria “La Catrina”, located in the México area and inspired by the famous Day of the Dead character, originally from Mexican popular culture.

During the Halloween 2020 season, PortAventura Park will open from 10:30 to 18:00, with extended opening on Saturdays until 20:00. Ferrari Land will continue with its regular opening times of 11:00 to 16:00.

During Halloween 2020, the strictest attention will be paid to measures applied to all shows and passages of terror, such as, for example, maximum capacity restrictions and specific safety measures for theatres. On the other hand, these measures also play a fundamental role in the new costumes and make-up of characters, which integrate masks specially designed for this new environment.

PortAventura World’s main objective is to protect the health and safety of customers and employees, therefore all the safety, physical distancing and hygiene measures that have been implemented up until this point will remain in force. These include mandatory temperature checks and use of a mask, reduced capacity, signage and information in all areas of the park and the promotion of cashless payments.

This will be the twentieth year of Halloween celebrations held at the resort. Fans of these particular festivities have been able to enjoy one of the largest and most spectacular examples of theming, ground-breaking in Spain, since 2000. Since then, Halloween has continued to evolve and add more passages of terror, shows, characters, accommodation and restaurant options to become what it is today… a 48-day extravaganza that has received more than 9 million visitors over the last 20 years. During this time, the number of visitors has grown exponentially, just like the packages that include stays at the resort’s hotels, which have increased by 30% in recent years.

Evaluation of a summer marked by exceptionality

PortAventura World ends the summer with a positive balance, in a year especially difficult for the tourism sector that has been marked by the impact of COVID-19.

Following the trend to holiday close to home (staycation), the national market accounted for 86% of visitors and 78% of stays at the resort. International markets have behaved in correlation with COVID-19, with the French market of particular note, accounting for 12% of park visitors and 15% of hotel guests.

During the summer period, hotel occupancy was at 87%, reaching 92% at some points during the month of August. Since the start of the 2020 season, PortAventura World has strived to adapt to the new reality and offer an experience just as unique as ever, prioritising preventive and safety measures.


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