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The laying of the first stone of Gardaland’s exciting new ride for 2022: Jumanji – The Adventure.

Gardaland leverages on a global brand and a unique experience for the relaunch in 2022, with an outstanding record investment in the realisation of a one-of-a-kind attraction called Jumanji- The Adventure, based on Sony Pictures’ popular Jumanji film franchise.

Today, the “first stone was laid” at the building site thanks to the entertaining help of some of the characters from the Jumanji films. After arriving at Gardaland Park on board the distinctive jeep, the characters reached the construction site and officially started the works by laying an iconic foundation stone.

“It will be a key investment of over 20 million euros for the realisation of the world’s-first Jumanji-themed attraction that will be one of a kind worldwide also for its hi-tech features and unique impressive theming” reveals Mr. Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO of Gardaland. “We believe that this new dark ride for families and teenagers will be welcomed with great enthusiasm by both domestic and International visitors who return every year to discover and enjoy Gardaland’s exciting novelties. The great success – globally and in Italy – of “Jumanji” guarantees the excitement that only this brand is able to create.”

Jumanji – The Adventure, located right in the heart of Gardaland, will be a dark ride for adventure lovers of all ages and will feature a daring and exciting story, a true mission to save the world of Jumanji from a curse.

On board a jeep-shaped vehicle, visitors will experience the jungles of Jumanji and will make their way through dangerous animals, obstacles of all kinds and a powerful stone giant, who will try to stop them in every way possible. It will be a race against time, with the crucial goal of bringing back the sacred jewel to the fabled shrine, thus saving the world of Jumanji. It will be a unique and exciting experience: a world’s first for Gardaland’s 2022 season.


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