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Technically Creative completes Athens FEC project

Technically Creative, a York (UK) based integrated technology contractor that specialises in creating fully immersive interactive spaces, has just completed a family entertainment project over in Athens. The Xplore FEC just outside of the capital, completed the second phase of installation at the end of February, with the Technically Creative project spanning 5 months from September of last year.

The family entertainment centre is split into three sections, the “Exploratorium”, “Adventureland” and the “Aquarium”, all of which are majorly influenced by the creative flair of the Technically Creative Team. Thanks to Technically Creative, children and parents alike have the opportunity to play a Laser Harp, or a Giant Piano. They can design and service a car, or race each other in the racing simulator. You can even feed virtual fish.

There will also be a totally new product debuting from Technically Creative at Athens FEC, Virtual Village. The product design and programming for this exhibit has taken the team nearly 6 months of preparation, but the effort will be more than worthwhile, and once installed visitors will use various transport types, such as boats planes, trains and automobiles, as physical hands on models to place on the sensing internal projection table. The sensing system knows where and what transport type has been placed down on the table, and through the use of live rendering software builds the virtual village in real time.

In addition to the interactive exhibits for children, Technically Creative has also provided the centre with all of its lighting, show control, electrical control system, audio and PA systems throughout. By choosing Technically Creative, which operates with a one stop shop business model, Athens FEC has guaranteed that the production of their new centre hasn’t been watered down by subcontractors. Instead, the FECs initial vision for the project has been enhanced, and this will be beneficial to the visitors, who get to experience over 14 new interactives thanks to Technically Creatives vision and hard work.

Managing director Marc Broadbent said:  “From inception, through design and with great input from the client team I’m very proud for the company and my team to have played a major part in delivering this magnificent project. I’m sure you will agree that the Xplore Athens attraction stands out and proud as the only major go to Greek attraction for children of all ages in both play and learning.”

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