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Technical Park to showcase innovations at IAAPA Expo Europe

Technical Park is one of over 500 exhibitors headed to London’s ExCeL this September for IAAPA Expo Europe to showcase its new innovations.

At the exhibition, attendees will get a preview of Flying Dutchman, Technical Park’s latest attraction. Set to launch in 2023, Flying Dutchman is a central column carousel. It features the typical lifting system of drop towers which raise the rotating centre up to 25 meters with a structure holding eight interactive gondolas. It also comes equipped with a front wing to obtain an electrifying yaw effect accompanied by height variations.

Released this year is the 24-seater Sidecar XL, Technical Park’s latest development from the classic 16- seater base model. The Sidecar XL has already been featured at the Liseberg park in Sweden and the Fraispertuis-City park in France. Currently in production for 2023, the Sidecar XL will be used in the Danish park, Djurs Sommerland, together with a giant tea cup ride, both themed in collaboration with Leisure Expert Group.

Another novelty released this year is the Typhoon 360 which is featured in Magic Land in Rome and Superland in Tel Aviv. Typhoon 360 is a giant frisbee that, in addition to rotating on itself, performs a complete 360 ° inversion offering an upside-down flight at more than 35 meters in height. Technical Park has also executed the first conversion of the traditional Typhoon pendulum to the inversion type with the counterweight doing a complete rotation. Finland’s Power Park was the first to feature the original Typhoon model and now has the very first upgrade.

Technical Park is also recognised for its Ferris Wheels. The new gondolas have been developed with an automatic mechanical opening system which can be operated via a pedal, as well as a body that can be backlit. Recently, Ferris Wheels equipped with this gondola model have been delivered to Germany (FW32 Kostanz – Barth), France and England, and include the new transportable 36-metre Ferris wheel with a self-supporting base, an ideal solution for seasonal events.

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