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Deadline: July 24, 2020

The Themed Entertainment Association has issued a call for nominations for its Masters awards programme. “TEA Masters of their Craft epitomise the highest standards relative to their respective professional disciplines while also setting the standard for professional conduct within the Themed Entertainment industry. They begin with talent and grow it with experience over decades, constantly evolving and maturing their craft to become industry leaders,” said a spokesperson. TEA Masters have built a demonstrable body of work that shows consistency in the quality of work over many projects throughout their career. They lead by example and are mentors to many, inspiring and empowering others while executing their own craft with a spirit of collaboration with the project teams, interns, and students.

TEA Masters can communicate their craft and are generous with their time and talents, eager to use their knowledge to create new experiences of the highest caliber while always pushing the limits.

The TEA needs your help.

Do you know of someone that is deserving of TEA Master recognition?

If so, please send in your nomination by July 24, 2020.

The following are the criteria to qualify for consideration as a TEA Master in 2020:


·     Outstanding performance during 20+ year career within similar fields

·     Experience working on the global stage

·     A role model, well respected and looked upon throughout the industry

·     Having played a distinctive role on several major/signature projects


·      Exceptional in demonstrating “thinking out of the box”

·     TEA Masters are masters by virtue of what they do and how they do it

·     TEA Masters are consummate professionals in every way, they have the depth of knowledge (patience) to explain to those that do not necessarily understand why they have made a recommendation or practiced their craft in a given way

Industry and subject matter achievements

·     Having developed revolutionary ways of creating/producing within respective fields such as patents, inventions, etc.

·     Instrumental in improving/revolutionizing industry or subject matter means and methods

·     Long track record of improving the quality and efficiency of their product or service

Impact upon the industry

·     Has excelled in mentoring and developing new generation experts within relevant fields

·     Contributed a visible effect on the industry over the years

·     TEA Masters are always going the extra mile to help/teach newcomers/apprentices to their craft

·     TEA Masters empower others to excel in their own skill and bring out the best in a person to help them achieve

·     TEA Masters install confidence in those around them

Willing and able to participate

·      Participate in the recognition ceremony and be on a panel at the TEA SATE Digital conference

·      Allow the TEA to video an interview and the panel presentation at TEA SATE

·      Participate in TEA education and/or mentoring programs during the two  years following receipt of TEA Master recognition

·      Not currently serving on the TEA International Board, or the TEA Masters Selection Committee

Artisans or designers nominated for a TEA Masters Award may be asked to submit resumes, photos of completed projects, designs, artwork, work samples, graphics or video containing highlights of their craft sufficient to support the selection process.

This year’s honourees will be recognised at the TEA SATE Digital conference.

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