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Swimming with dolphins – on DVD

New video system offered

While various companies plough on with “coaster DVD” products, a British firm is offering a new video system designed to capture more intimate experiences at parks and attractions.

in use on Warner Village Theme Park’ (WVTP) helicopter tour of Sea World in Queensland, Australia (pictured), it is generating sales of 100-plus DVDs per day. In fact, WVTP has ordered a second from developer Rapid Media Systems, for use with its Animal Adventures experiences. A mix of above and underwater cameras are used to record guests swimming with seals and dolphins.
“This is not a clunky video recording system that takes hours to edit and days to dispatch,” says Rapid Media Systems’ Graham Horgan.  “The DVD is produced in minutes as the guest transits the exit area; it is fast, efficient, reliable and profitable – and, of course, what better advertisement is there for the attraction when guests show their friends and family?”
The system uses an automated process with minimal staff input. “The operator needs to do nothing more than insert a memory card into a PC,” adds Horgan.

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